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Experience Texan Mastery at Rock Salt: Albany's Only Pit Master with Authentic Wood-Smoked Delights

At Rock Salt Albany, we take pride in being the only pit master in town crafting authentic Texan Offset wood-smoked meats. Our culinary expertise extends to the art of smoking, delivering unparalleled flavor in every bite. Savor the richness of our smoked pastrami, the tenderness of our beef brisket, the succulence of pulled pork, and the irresistible flavors of smoked pork belly and bacon.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our menu – we cater to special events, ensuring your gatherings are elevated with the finest smoked delicacies. At Rock Salt, we redefine the dining experience with our unique 'Guy Tea,' offering a distinct twist to traditional tea time, infused with the bold flavors of our expertly smoked meats.

Indulge in a culinary journey at Rock Salt Albany, where every dish reflects the mastery of our Pit Master, making us the go-to destination for the best-smoked meats in Albany

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