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Fri, 31 May


Rock Salt Restaurant Albany

Rock Salt Melaka Magic: A Malaysian Culinary Odyssey Buffet Dinner

Dive into the diverse and delicious world of Malaysian cuisine at Rock Salt Join us for Melaka Magic, an all-you-can-eat buffet Your ticket to a Malaysian Culinary Odyssey awaits

Rock Salt Melaka Magic: A Malaysian Culinary Odyssey Buffet Dinner
Rock Salt Melaka Magic: A Malaysian Culinary Odyssey Buffet Dinner

Time & Location

31 May 2024, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm AWST

Rock Salt Restaurant Albany , 65 Frenchman Bay Rd, Albany WA 6330, Australia


About the event

Menu and Details


**Nyonya Style Malaysia n Lamb curry:**

   Immerse yourself in the aromatic world of Nyonya Style lamb curry, where tender lamb meets a rich blend of Malaysian spices and coconut, creating a culinary masterpiece.

2 **Sambal Squid (Mild Spicy):**

   Dive into the oceanic charm of Sambal Squid – tender squid coated in a mildly spicy sambal sauce, capturing the essence of Malaysian seas in every delectable bite.

 **Mix Vegetable Mamak:**

   Experience the vibrant flavors of Malaysian street food with our Mix Vegetable Mamak, a delightful stir-fry celebrating the diverse culinary influences of the region.

 **Beans Fry with Oyster Sauce:**

   Indulge in the wok-kissed goodness of Beans fried with Oyster Sauce, a flavorful addition to the buffet that showcases the artful balance of Malaysian tastes.


**Mix Salad:**

   Refresh your palate with our Mix Salad tomatoes, and cucumber, dressed in a Malaysian-inspired vinaigrette that adds a burst of freshness to your meal.

 **Curry Puff (Potato):**

   Experience the savory delight of Curry Puffs filled with spiced potatoes, a perfect handheld treat that complements the bold flavors of the main dishes.

 **Nasi Kerabu - Coconut Blue Split Flower Rice:**

   Immerse yourself in the visual and aromatic allure of Nasi Kerabu, where blue split flower rice meets the decadence of coconut, creating a feast for the senses.


. **Achar Pickled Vegetables:**

   Elevate your palate with the tangy and spicy Achar Pickled Vegetables, a flavorful companion that complements the richness of the main dishes.

 **Sambal Belacan:**

   Ignite your taste buds with the fiery and aromatic Sambal Belacan, a condiment that intensifies the flavors of the main dishes.

 **Garlic Crackers:**

   Add a crispy twist to your meal with Garlic Crackers, perfect for scooping up the condiments and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Chef Michelle's Melaka Magic Malaysian Style All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Dinner

Date: 31st May

Time: 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm (2-hour sessions)

Price: $45 per head

RSVP: Required for confirmation

The bar will be open for drink purchases throughout the event.

Join us for an evening of exquisite Malaysian flavors at Chef Michelle's Melaka Magic buffet dinner—RSVP now to secure your spot for this unforgettable culinary experience

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