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I am Dilon Rosa, and I would like to share a brief excerpt from my personal narrative

Updated: Feb 22

Rock Salt Restaurant Albany top restaurants in Albany western australia
Chef Resaurant Designer Dilon Rosa

Meet Dilon Rosa, the culinary maestro behind Rock Salt Albany. Hailing from a Portuguese descendant family in Sri Lanka, Dilon's culinary journey began in his grandmother's kitchen, where he honed his skills and discovered his love for the art of cooking.

After venturing to Singapore for further studies, Dilon obtained a Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management from Thames University, setting the foundation for his future endeavours. He then dived into the bustling party-organizing scene, before finding his true calling in the F&B Department at the renowned Singapore Wildlife Park.

Dilon's passion for exploring different cuisines and seeking valuable work experiences took him on an incredible globetrotting adventure. From Italy to Texas, he immersed himself in local culinary delights, absorbing flavours and techniques along the way.

In 2008, destiny led Dilon and his partner Michelle to the shores of Australia, where they embarked on an exciting culinary journey together. Working tirelessly in various roadhouses, restaurants, and hotels, they refined their craft and broadened their culinary horizons.

The pair fell head over heels in love with the scenic beauty and warm community of Albany, ultimately deciding to plant their roots in this coastal haven in 2014. In 2015, fuelled by their unwavering passion and commitment, Dilon and Michelle realized their dream of establishing their very own restaurant – Rock Salt Albany.

Their journey has been marked by countless challenges and sacrifices, but Dilon and Michelle's determination and love for their craft have propelled them to success. Now, with an innovative plan in hand, they aim to take Rock Salt Albany to new heights, with visions of expanding their culinary empire globally.

With Dilon's exceptional skills, inspired by a diverse range of cuisines, and Michelle's unwavering support, Rock Salt Albany has become a captivating culinary destination. Together, they continue to push the boundaries of taste, bringing unique and delectable flavours to the tables of Albany and beyond. Join them on their gastronomic adventure as they write the next chapter of Rock Salt Albany's remarkable success story.

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