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I am Michelle Lee, and I would like to share a glimpse of my professional journey.

Updated: Feb 22

chef master backer michelle rock salt restaurant Albany Western Australia
chef master baker MIchelle lee

Michelle, a culinary enthusiast, was born and raised in Malaysia, immersed in the rich traditions of a Nyonya family from the charming city of Melaka. Her journey began in Singapore, where she ventured into the world of numbers as an Account Assistant. Yet, her heart always belonged to the world of flavours and culinary delights. Fuelling her passion, she indulged in baking, creating countless delectable desserts that sweetened her life. Determined to follow her culinary dreams, Michelle pursued formal training in baking, honing her skills as a talented pastry chef. It was during this phase of her life that destiny intervened, bringing her into the orbit of Rosa, with whom she embarked on exciting journeys that expanded her culinary horizons. In 2008, the allure of new experiences led Michelle to Australia, where she embarked on a Bachelor's degree in Accounting at the esteemed Murdoch University. But the passion for cooking bubbled within her, refusing to be confined. In 2009, drawn by the mesmerizing beauty of Albany, she made a pivotal decision, choosing to call it home. Her love affair with Albany blossomed, and in 2022, she made it her permanent abode. The following year, in 2023, Michelle's dreams took tangible form as she bravely ventured into the culinary world, opening her own restaurant – Rock Salt. Balancing the art of cuisine and family life, Michelle embraces her role as a young mother, cherishing the joys of raising two wonderful boys. A testament to her commitment and dedication, even after a demanding shift at the restaurant alongside her partner Dilon, she welcomed her second child into the world on the memorable 5th of March 2019, a day celebrated as Labour Day. Michelle's unwavering devotion to her passion is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her culinary journey, which started as a hobby and bloomed into a thriving restaurant, speaks volumes about her resilience and determination. Her exceptional skills in the kitchen and her heartfelt dedication to providing a memorable dining experience have won the hearts of both locals and travellers alike. With every dish she prepares, Michelle weaves a story of love and flavours that honour her heritage and embrace the essence of Albany. Her culinary creations at Rock Salt showcase the perfect blend of Malaysian heritage and global influences, making her restaurant a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable dining adventure. Experience the magic and taste the love as you savour the culinary delights crafted by Michelle at Rock Salt. Her inspiring journey from a hobbyist baker to a celebrated restaurateur is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance, making Rock Salt an enchanting destination in Albany's vibrant food scene.

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